6 attractions you should know in Toronto

Toronto is full of sights! This vibrant and lively city has great attractions that will make you fall in love with it! Aquariums, towers, tree climbing, theaters, gastronomy, sports… Toronto’s tourist attractions are diverse and very well explored. Get to know just a few of them that we list here for you to know the best things to do in this charming city.

1: Ripley Aquarium

Opened in 2013, the Ripley’s Aquarium is the ideal tour for family travelers. It has more than 16 thousand marine animals of 450 species. The aquarium’s main attraction is the Perigosa Lagoon, which takes visitors through a transparent tunnel through a rolling sidewalk. The tank, with 5.7 million liters of water, houses several species of shark, such as the gray shark, sand shark and reef sharks, and sea turtles, barracudas, swordfish, and groupers.

2: CN Tower

You can not stop walking on the famous glass floor and have a panoramic and unique view of the city after using the fantastic elevator that takes you to the top of this immense tower over 351 meters high, the CN Tower. Then, a challenge: walk around the tower on a circular walkway with your hands-free and hanging by special ropes, it is chilling! There are many tourist attractions in Toronto, but this one is the most famous.

3: Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is a cool ride, especially for families with children. Located in the eastern part of Toronto (far from downtown), the attraction requires a good part of your day, or perhaps the whole day, to get to know you very well. There are more than 700 acres that are home to approximately 5,000 animals representing more than 500 species. It is the largest in Canada and receives 1.3 million visitors every year.

Toronto Zoo main attractions

At the Toronto Zoo, you will meet two charming and charming pandas, called Er Shun and Da Mao. The thermometer of cuteness goes to the heights close to them, either observing them with their games or when they are resting or when they are eating several kilograms of bamboo. The zoo is also home to one of the largest indoor giraffe houses in Canada, where the Masai giraffe Twiga and her cub Mstari are living. There is also a friendly family of gorillas, consisting of Charles, Ngozi, Nassir, and Nneka, who get along very well. The Tundra Walk has an award-winning polar bear habitat, and several cute ones, such as snow geese, reindeer, snow owl, arctic fox, and wolves. But all animals are highlights, each with its charming and innocent way of being.

Opening Hours & Location

Hours vary and may change without notice. It is usually from 9 am to 6 pm, but some days close to 4:30 pm. The ideal is to check the times on the website or call to find out about the day that you are visiting.

TORONTO ZOO – 2000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto, Ontario

4: Canada’s Wonderland

Located 50 kilometers north of downtown Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park that is popular with locals and travelers alike. Space, built-in 1981, is considered the largest park in Canada and has several toys, activities, and even lodging.

Canada’s Wonderland attractions

So then, Canada’s Wonderland has many attractions for people of all ages. The toys range from the quieter ones, like the traditional merry-go-round, to more restless ones, as a result roller coasters. Wonderland is the second-largest roller coaster park in the world: in all, there are 17 in the park, each with a different size and intensity than the other.

Main attractions:

To begin with, Leviathan: one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters on the planet

  • Snoopy Planet
  • KidZville
  • Splash Works

Finally, how to get to Canada’s Wonderland?

Therefore, anyone who is buying tickets to Toronto and wants to include a fun tour can put Canada’s Wonderland in their itinerary. However, to get there, you can go by car – taking the Highway north of Toronto – or by the GO Transit bus, which goes straight there and leaves the York Mills and Yorkdale terminals.

5: Treetop Trekking

This Toronto tourist attraction can be translated into tree climbing. So, there are several adventure trails located in the Brampton preservation reserve. The bridges, ropes, and zip lines add up to 65 aerial adventures with varying degrees of emotion, but everything is super safe. One of the tallest is over 300 meters high.

6: Ontario Science Center

The Ontario Science Center is one of the most popular attractions, receiving over 50 million visitors since 1969. Once you enter, you will understand why. Furthermore, with over 500 interactive exhibits, a nature reserve in the Don River Valley Ravine, and 150 years of original Canadian inventions that have transformed the world, excitement is guaranteed by exploring every corner of the environment.

Thus, as you have seen, Toronto sights are the most diverse. What’s up? Excited to move to Toronto?

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Four restaurants to eat well in the city

Toronto has numerous restaurants that portray the diversity of a region whose half of the workers are immigrants. Moreover, this alone is enough to make its cuisine one of the main experiences in Canada’s most populous city.

Toronto cuisine brings together the best of a Canadian tradition, mixed with international cuisine, especially European and Oriental cuisine.

In this article, we have selected a list of 04 of the most recommended restaurants in the city of Toronto.

1. Scaramouche Restaurant

Under the command of the most competent chefs Keith Froggett and Carolyn Reid, Scaramouche emerges as one of the 10 most sophisticated Canadian restaurants. He is the winner of the Traveler’s Choice Award (2015), for the quality of his service and the refinement of his dishes that bring together the best in French cuisine.

So, a service consisting of an excellent sommelier, a maitre d ‘always on hand, valet parking and attentive waiters compose an extremely pleasant setting, completed by a touch of modernity, which goes well in contrast to the traditional atmosphere.

Therefor, some specialties, such as the traditional venison gratin with truffles and bacon, the grilled sea bass with fresh prawns and the most diverse types of fish, are reasons of ecstasy for the regulars of the house.

Thus, the address is 1 Benvenuto Pl. It works from Monday to Thursday, from 17: 30h to 21: 30h. Fridays and Saturdays until 22:00.

 2. New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse

Established in 1995 New Orleans seafood and steakhouse opened its doors in 1995. However, what started as a local neighborhood restaurant, is now a popular destination for all people in the Greater Toronto Area.

The address is 267 Scarlett Rd, York, ON M6N 4K9


Alo, which opened in July of 2015, is a contemporary French restaurant located atop a heritage building in downtown Toronto. At first, our cuisine is internationally inspired and celebrates the finest in seasonal ingredients paired with a genuine sense of welcome. We are refiners: we take time-honored comforts and seek to do them better than we did last time.

Our Dining Room serves blind, multi-course tasting menus. Comfortable tables accommodate 2- 6 guests ($145 per guest), while a high-top counter faces our open kitchen for an especially engaging dining experience ($165 per guest). So, our chic Barroom offers a succinct à la carte food menu to complement its classically-inspired cocktails.

Thus, the address is 163 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2L6

 4. Kit Kat

At first, Kit Kat is a fixture on King St. popular with the theatre crowd for its Italian eats.

So, the address is 297 King St W, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J5, Canadá.


There are some fun facts that we can take a look at throughout the history of the country and its biggest city. Here are some curiosities about such a cultural center that Toronto is.

Taking a look at the History of the country there’s a question that comes to mind. Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and as a financial center, it reached the world’s top 10 last year. Specialists say until 2036 there will be 9 million people living in Toronto. It is an area where the industry is constantly growing. Some may ask why Ottawa the capital. It was in 1852 the queen’s decision, mostly because of its location in respect of its neighbor cities.

The Capital

How is it even decided which city should be the capital of a country anyway? At the time, in the case of Canada, several cities were ‘competing’ to be the capital. But because of its location in the middle of other cities that applied to be the capital, such as Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa was chosen by Queen Victoria to be the one and it is until today. Also because at the time Quebec is in the center of the country, due to the distance from the U.S. borders, and it was equally a good distance from these northern cities.

Toronto’s urban center is known to have more than 10 million trees, which is a good sign of ecological responsibility by its population and new companies that are trying to find ideas to not cause any more harm to the environment. It seems to be a wave of this new generation of enterprises. Young contractors are in front of these business concepts. In a big population, new needs are always becoming possible investments. The industry has to adapt to keep being needed. Companies that provide a competent delivery system are one of the most growing businesses around. Not only in Canada, but in the American continent in its totality. 

Moving Companies

Local packing services are responsible for a good part of daily operations in the GTA, and is the most organized and innovative districts of the Canadian region. Speaking about a radius of a hundred and sixty kilometers of area, the region held, till last year’s census, twenty-five percent of Canada’s demographic density. People are moving in and out its borders almost every day. That makes packing and moving companies a constant search by its citizens on a daily basis. The expectations about it are higher every day. Some of them are evaluating the market changes to offer new services, such as adaptions for small or big moves and near or short or long-distances, and applying this expansion to the delivery industry itself. Everybody leaves less and less of their houses. It has become part of people’s consciousness.

Toronto: The largest financial center

According to the Financial Centres Index, Toronto has overcome Chicago and Boston in 2019 as the largest north American financial center. By the way, because of the territory, the population will overcome New York’s in the next decade.  That makes it a place where you can find different cultures and religions. A place where people’s habits are constantly changing and their needs are evolving in a cycle. It is Canada’s sport’s centre as well, having teams playing in seven of the major most important leagues. Due to these facts, Toronto is attracting tourists all the time. More than eleven million per year. So, if after your visit you decide to move up here, don’t forget to search and contact the best-reviewed local moving companies.


canada symbol

Polar bears are at risk of being extinguished, but Canada still has more than sixty percent of its population. Approximately sixteen thousand of the twenty-five thousand still alive in the world. They compete to be the symbol of Canada, alongside the Beaver.


When you look for curiosities about the polar bear, one of the biggest and most dangerous animals living alongside us, almost all the information you’ll find is provided by Canadian blogs and websites. The reason for that is the fact that polar bears seem to love the place. Probably because the climate makes the country a natural habitat for them. The cold weather is good for their skin, which can’t resist warmer temperatures. Which is a thing many local companies have to deal with.

They are born furless and with only 25cm, they are marine mammal and excellent swimmers, but at the same time the world’s biggest land predator and also the world’s biggest type of bear. They get to almost three meters long and eight hundred kilos when they get to adulthood. These bears can stay up to eight months without eating anything, even though they are completely carnivorous animals. They feed themselves mostly of seals and as their population is decreasing, they are getting closer to the towns, which increases the risks not only for people living there but for the bears themselves. There are a lot of hunters’ communities in Canada.

With all this percentage of animals, the population takes the responsibility of not extinguish them. Not only because the global warmth is an imminent threat, but also because of the fur industry, which is the main reason for the hunters to kill them when looking for the animal.


Another large animal population in Canada is the North American beavers. They couldn’t be smaller than the first ones also. A grown-up beaver has, in maximum, 70 to 90cm long and weights, when very heavy, up to 30 kilos. Such as Hockey and Doughnuts, beavers became a national symbol. Their big frontal teeth and flat tails are what make them recognized by anyone. Besides that, beavers are very intelligent and good constructors.

When the cold weathers arrive in the winter, they cover their paw-made wooden houses with a layer of mud, so they won’t feel the lower temperatures inside. Using their teeth they build dams that protect Canadian cities to river flowing waters. They are normally found in lakes because this ambient is safer for them. To be even more different than the polar bears, they are vegetarian and feed themselves mostly from the vegetation itself, from tree leaves and fruits. Thanks to the importance that the Canadian people give to the fur industry, the beaver has become a strong symbol for the country. Because of these trades, they are a national emblem since 75. An industry that, in the case of the bears, they are fighting to stop.

The two types of animals were only closer to each other’s when the Ice Age Beaver still existed. Analyzing these facts, which is the real Canadian symbol? The ones they protect or the ones they are selling the fur?

Churchill, in Manitoba, is the capital of the polar bear’s world population and a fine city. So, if you want to move up there, it is good to contact one specialized moving company, that will avoid risks transporting your belongs.


clean energy

As the world noticed we were destroying our habitat, governments and companies started to prioritize their investments in ideas that involved ecological thinking and clean energy start-ups.

Over the last few decades, mostly after World War II, as the industry has risen contaminating every city that had pure air. Some visionaries are interested in the search for clean energy. Wanting to act sustainably in this environment already doomed. The electric car was once a joke, such as cars in general. They thought that the models could never run as much as the powered with gas never catching.

The beginning

An old farmer said once he wanted to build a vehicle with the power of at least a hundred horses. He decided to seek a new perspective and founded Ford, the first and still active car development agency. They were also one of the first companies to produce electric vehicles. These vehicles are more expensive at the moment you buy then, but the cost-benefit is worth it over time. Gas is a product that, every year and throughout the world, becomes more and more expensive.

As nations recovered from the ashes, immigration grew as never before and with it, some of the first companies founded in the country worked with moving and transportation to adapt themselves to this new crowd that had arrived. People were seeking different opportunities and they couldn’t do it where they were surrounded by all the losings only a great war can bring. That increased as well as business opportunities at the time.

After the 70s, people began to understand what global warmth meant. Due to damage to the ozone layer, scientists had to look for clean energy alternatives. Governments lower the taxes from companies that prove they are acting according to the ecological responsibility expected today. So we gathered some of these new kinds of services provided by moving companies:


This photo-voltaic cell’s surface catches the sunlight and turns it into direct current that, disposed of in panels, can power homes, stores, hospitals, and several other facilities. They are being used in the most innovative houses as a replacement for regular public energy and also a much less expensive and non-harmful one.


Many moving companies are providing this new modality that you can customize your unit. But, as several clients seemed to always want to use the units as greenhouses, they also started to sell prefabricated ones, which increases local and organic food production. There are even greenhouses inside containers for growing different types of plants. It fits two purposes, obtain more gains in a period with less demand and encourage local producers to fulfill their endeavors while promoting an ecological service.


Governments, in partnership with companies, are searching for new technologies that can provide renewable ways to get energy. Most countries direct a big part of their internal product investing in research. If you have an idea for an app that can make a difference for the environment, look for those entrepreneurs. Maybe it is your chance to also produce something that has true meaning for society. 


Canada, as a financial center and education model, is also home country for many popular Canadian artists; such as comedian Jim Carrey and Cobie Smulders, ‘Robin’ in hit sitcom How I met your Mother.

Jim Carrey is one of the world’s most famous actors. He’s been through a lot of stages in his career and is recognized by many due to his works both in comedy and drama movies. He won a Golden Globe for his work in “The Truman Show”, where he portrays a guy who discovers his life is being recorded for a reality-show since he was born. After that, he tries to break the system he was raised in, where all of his friends, his wife, his neighbors, and even everything he says is used for advertisement. His life is a product. That’s a concept that surrounded many movies after this one.

Jim Carrey comes from a family of street canadian artists and received a lot of compliments for the movie “Man on the moon”. In which he impersonates Andy Kaufman, the former also famous comedian from the U.S whose eccentricities exceed the limit of public understanding. The movie is from 99, but recently Netflix released a documentary that showed how Jim never left character and seemed to channel’s Kaufman spirit. Some of the crew were certain that he went crazy.

Other Canadian Artists

Cobie Smulders in How I met your mother plays another worldly known character. A Fox Sitcom that had nine seasons and more than two hundred episodes. Cobie played Robin, one of the five protagonists of the story. Actually, in a way, the story revolved around her. The group was born after she got to know Ted, Lilly, Barney, and Marshall.

New York roommates looking for opportunities in the big apple. After the show’s got to an end, Ted, the one telling the story to his kids, was only telling them because, after their mother’s passing, he was thinking about going after an old love: Robin, one of his best-friends, Barney, ex-wife. Her character was a journalist a previous star-child in Canada “Robin Sparkles”. Her number one hit? “Let’s go to the mall”, followed by “Sandcastles in the sand”. The success of this sitcom is like The Office and Friends. Cobie is also the agent Maria Hill, the role she plays in The Avengers franchise.

Canada the truly North

There are several other Canadian artists, such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Ryan Gosling, Celine Dion, and the musician Bryan Adams. So many famous people have gotten the publics’ attention to get to know the country and some of its many curiosities. In extension, Canada is only smaller than Russia, and its temperatures are also much alike. They are the biggest Doughnuts consumers of the world. In some cities, people let the car doors, and houses open, because of the probability of a bears attack. Canada has 60% of Polar Bear’s world population.

A good place to live

It’s the country with more lakes in the world. They are literally thousands and held almost 1/5 of the world’s freshwater. The education and hospitality in excess of the citizens became a theme for a lot of humorous jokes. Although Canada has an excellent public health and education system, few people living there. Because of that, several companies are promoting campaigns and offering good opportunities to attract them. If you’re thinking about moving to Toronto, don’t forget to ask around for some of the best packers and transportation specialized moving companies.


The second-largest country in the world has teams on seven of the major international leagues, so it is a sports potency such as an economic one. We gathered some information about the most popular sports in the true north, one of Canada’s nicknames.

Over time there have been discussions about which is Canada’s true most popular sport, due to the popularity of several and different activities. The variety of competitions attracts millions of viewers from all over the world and it is also the main reason why tourists want to visit the country. Their athletes have won more than 500 medals in the Olympics throughout history, considering gold, silver, and bronze ones. That is one of the many ways their citizens show their interests. The country has a world-recognized public health system and it reflects on the habits of its population. Having a great variety of popular activities has made some specific sports to get more popular. Here are some facts about Canada’s most-successful competitions. Their Major teams became huge enterprises and they are growing as local companies.


Canada’s weather is mostly cold due to the long fall and winter, these sports got more popularity between the citizens. Hockey is the most important game in the winter season since the 19th century. The Stanley Cup is one the most viewed shows in North-America during its season. Its finals have an average of twenty million spectators. Their national team also competed and won several medals on the Olympics. Curling has a fewer audience, but it is very traditional in the country, especially in provinces like Alberta and Manitoba. It was by military folks that came to the country from Scotland in the 18th century. It is also played over an Ice stadium and it is more popular during the Winter Games.


Since the 19th-century Baseball founding in the country and it is, until today, one of its most popular sports. Their Major Team, the Toronto Blue Jays, creation in 1977. It had disappeared from the country for a few decades but began to get spectators again since the 90s when they entered the national league. Baseball is popular due to this healthy competition between Canadians and U.S. Citizens. The Baseball season gathers over ten million people to watch every game in the country. Almost 500 hundred baseball teams are playing in Canada. The Major Expos, their first major league team, moved to Washington in the early 2000s.


Some might say this sport has some Canadian roots because in 1891 Jaimes Naismith founded what is recognized nowadays as modern basketball. It is a major sport especially in Ontario, province that is home to the Toronto Raptors, the first Canadian team to win the NBA’S finals. There are currently 30 teams playing in their National League. As a formal sport in the country in the 40s but regain popularity in the final of the 90s since two Canadian teams began to get more and more wins. The Raptors, as said, and the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Those major sports have been one of the reasons Canada’s having a rising number of people that want to live there.  If you want to know about service-packs and prices, some of the local moving companies are easily found on the list of the best-reviewed enterprises of the provinces.