Winter in Canada: where to go?

Canada’s winter is harsh and the incidence of snow in many regions is high. While for Canadians this can be a nuisance during this time of year, for tourists, it is an additional reason to visit the country.

Cities are prepared for low temperatures. Indoor environments are heated, which includes public transport and commerce. The houses and hotel rooms also have an electric heating system.

But if the subject is walking, what would be the best winter travel options in Canada? Therefore, we will get to know the most suitable places for tourism and the attractions that must be visited in this beautiful corner of North America.

Winter in Canada: Toronto

The snow season in Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, usually starts in November, although it is not uncommon for heavy snowfalls to occur in the county. The temperature can vary between 2 ° C and -6 ° C between January and February. However, the thermal sensation can reach -15 ° C or even less.

One of its most visited attractions is the CN Tower, a modern 553-meter high communications tower that is the local postcard. From above, the 360 ​​° view on snowy days is incredible.

But it is in the famous Nathan Phillips Square where the most fun attraction of the station is. It is an ice skating rink with free entry, which can be accessed by tourists after renting the skates. In the vicinity of the square, there are restaurants, bars, and cafeterias.

Those eager for this sport will find other tracks across Toronto, such as the Harbourfront Center, at 235 Queen’s Quay West, on the shore of Lake Ontario. Overall, the city has about 40 closed and 52 open lanes.

Toronto has a curious peculiarity: it has an underground city. The building, named PATH, is almost 30 km long, with four underground floors and over a thousand establishments.

Among them are shops, restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets, hotels and even shopping centers. Five metro stations connect the place, which is perfect for visiting on snowy days.

Downtown Toronto hosts a winter festival called Icefest, where visitors can enjoy sculptures made of ice. Another popular festival is Beerfest, with approximately 300 beer brands from around the world. Winterlicious involves more than 200 restaurants serving their meals at lower prices.

Canada’s ski resorts

Canada is known for having one of the best structures in the world for skiing or snowboarding. There are countless ski resorts spread across its vast territory. There is no way to name them all, but here are some of the best options for your trip.

The first is in the vicinity of Toronto. Just 80 km away is the Hockey Valley, whose tracks serve all levels of skiers. 155 km away is Mount St. Louis Moonstone Station, with 36 tracks. Blue Mountain, with 42 tracks, is 155 km away.

The city of Whistler, 120 km from Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, has one of the largest ski resorts in North America: Whistler Blackcomb. There are 200 demarcated circuits with about 3,300 hectares available for the practice of snow sports.

Vancouver is home to small Grouse Mountain, with 33 ski and snowboard trails, 15-night trails and 9 km of snowshoe hiking trails. The station receives around 1.3 million visitors a year.

More than 100 tracks, in addition to other activities for the whole family, are part of the Sunshine Village. Besides that, the town is about 15 minutes from Banff and 90 minutes from Calgary, in the province of Alberta.

Another popular winter destination in Canada is the city of Mont-Tremblant, in the province of Quebec. Morever, the ski resort of the same name is just 139 km from Montreal and about an hour’s flight from Toronto. It has 96 tracks in a total of four mountains.

Other attractions available at Mont-Tremblant are dog sledding, ice skating, tubing and the existence of 30 restaurants and a casino. It is estimated that more than 2 million tourists visit it annually.

Other places to go in Canada’s winter

Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba, has the largest ice skating rink in the world. The Red River Mutual Trail is almost 10 km long over the Red River. Therefore, it is common for Canadian lakes and rivers to freeze in winter and become public skating rinks. In Winnipeg, the thermal sensation in winter calmly reaches -35 ° C.

The Rideau Canal, which connects the cities of Kingston and the capital Ottawa, has a track that can be 8 km long. It is also used to practice ice hockey, a very traditional sport in the country. You can also find hockey rinks scattered around the cities as if they were soccer fields in Brazil.

The province of Alberta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that deserves to be visited at any time of the year. However, it is in winter that the town gains even more notoriety. This is Banff National Park, located in the city of Banff.

Besides that, according to National Geographic Adventure, this is one of the best ski areas in the world. If skiing is not your forte, then enjoy driving through the park and admiring the stunning snowy landscapes of the Rocky Mountains.

An Icy land

The region is also home to glaciers, ice fields, coniferous forests, alpine landscapes, and wild animals.

However, what about Niagara Falls in Ontario? During the winter in Canada, the waterfalls partially freeze. The vegetation surrounding the falls is all white. A show!

Getting there is easy, as the attraction is just 128 km from Toronto. The temperature in Niagara Falls reaches -30 ° C.

Montreal is another must-see destination during the Canadian winter. The largest municipality in the province of Quebec also has an underground city, as does Toronto.

It is named RÉSO and has 30 km of tunnels and corridors with more than 1,500 stores, 200 restaurants. Also part of the space are museums, cinemas, and shopping centers. All connected by 14 metro stations.

The Aurora Borealis winter Phenom

Finally, how about seeing the Aurora Borealis? Going to Canada in the coldest season of the year and missing out on that chance is a must. The aforementioned Banff National Park is a place that allows you to spot the phenomenon.

In Edmonton, province of Alberta, the so-called Northern Lights (Aurora Polar) can be seen on clear nights without having to move into open spaces. The same goes for Cold Lake, located in the northeast of the province, where the lucky ones don’t even have to leave the city to see the lights.

Meanwhile, Churchill, in Manitoba, is one of the top three places in the world to see the Northern Lights between January and March. As well as Waskesiu-Prince Albert National Park, which is in the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan province.

Now that you know the best places to go in Canada’s winter, enjoy and leave your comments here. If you have already visited any of these places, or want to know them, share them with us. And continue to follow our articles about the country.

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Currently, one of the biggest preoccupations on everyone’s minds is getting infected or infecting members of your family. With that in mind, we gathered important tips for you to achieve a clean and sanitized place during a moving or not.

When we are facing, as a society, such difficult scenery, it is normal to care about things you didn’t before. Sometimes it is even necessary, as it is to clean and sanitize facilities when there is a pandemic outside consuming the world. The COVID-19 is a menace that has started last December, and it is affecting the majority of the world’s health systems. Almost half a million people already deceased and there are over 6 million cases throughout the world. Having these facts in mind, many people decided to improve their skills when it becomes to disinfecting and sanitizing facilities.

When municipalities are saying that what you should do is ‘stay at home’, many people who didn’t use to do their cleaning chores started to buzz their minds to know a bit more about what they can do to reach a healthier place to live in. Here are some tips you should take as rules to live by now:


This may seem obvious, but many people don’t know how to wash their hands properly. Did you know that you need to sing in your mind the entire song ‘happy birthday’ twice, to get rid of any harmful substances? At least, that is what specialists say these days. The best way to kill the virus on a infected a surface is with the use of soap. The membrane of the virus is formed by a series of lipids and proteins that, when in contact with soap, dissolves, leaving the genetic material of the virus, free. It can’t survive the molecules of the soap, so count on the product when washing your hands and make sure to rub all your fingers.


Many people think the use of protective masks is becoming an obligation in most countries because it prevents you from getting an infection, but the truth is that it only prevents you from infecting other people. So this is something to think about. A mask can only hold, before disinfection, for two hours non-stop. After that, either you’ll have to change it for another one. Also, you can put it in a 70% alcohol solution to keep it sanitized. The responsibility nowadays is not only upon companies of the field but upon every citizen as well. Everybody has to do their best to prevent the other from exposition to an infection these days.


When it is about proper cleaning and sanitizing, it is better to count on professional help. Cleaning and sanitizing companies are having a big demand these last few months. To provide every client’s needs, they are improving their abilities to operate following governments’ newest measures. The quarantine is coming to its third phase. If you want to avoid yourself and your family from an infection, you need proper disinfecting. Look for the best-referred moving companies, that are now providing cleaning and disinfecting services. Get in contact with the best movers in Toronto to know more about their work.


To give a place proper cleaning without moving companies, especially nowadays, is not as simple as it may sound. So we gathered some tips for you as a beginner to start a cleaning routine in your home or office.

With the pandemics, a scenery that took place since the beginning of last December in China, in which the epicenter was the province of Wuhan, many people that were used to get help from professionals to do their cleaning tried to do the house-chores themselves, but this is something that changes when you have to relocate. The disinfecting is considered a pre-move service.

The COVID-19 Pandemics had already affected, throughout the world, over than 5.614.458 people until May 27th. The number may seem high, but without taking cleaning and sanitizing services seriously, it tends to get even higher day by day. From these almost 6 million people, 2.6 million are part of the list of recovered cases. But from what some world leaders called a ‘simple flu’, almost 400 thousand people have already died, considering the whole world. Canada is decreasing the virus curve, but the country still had almost 87 thousand active cases. Among these cases, 6.639 people have deceased. That number is close to 2300 cases for every 1 one million people if you do the math. The number of recovered cases, which is now close to 50 thousand and counting, can also be related to companies that started to provide disinfecting and sanitizing services with quality.

Keeping the danger in mind if you decide to do the cleaning yourself or don’t have the budget to count with proper help, we have some tips for you to improve your cleaning skills.


When you have the mission of disinfecting a facility yourself, being it a private or a commercial one, you have to keep in mind that not every product will do the job of completely sanitizing every surface, so research well to know which are the ones that will be able to do the service. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone around in danger and the information can be easily found. Take the time to make a list of the products you’ll need in the order you’ll use them. That is also something you have to consider.


In general, it is good to start with the things that can more difficult to disinfecting products on the surfaces. Housework is a good way for you to get rid of the things that bother you the most. After that, you can continue with the hardest chores.


Many moving companies provide information to help you to improve your way of cleaning when you perform the job yourself. Their services are not only in the disinfecting area but also every other moving service that may be needed. So, if you want to avoid trouble, get in contact with the best cleaning and sanitizing companies in Canada.


Many moving companies, due to the pandemics scenery, have to adapt themselves to the situation, providing new services, and improving their previous ones. Sanitizing and cleaning companies are among the most needed ones these days.

Moving companies were always among the most needed services on a daily basis. But during the pandemics, their value and search are increasing at the same time a responsibility. To completely sanitize a place means much more than regular cleaning and if it is about a facility where a lot of people will be working on a daily basis, the danger increases, which also increases the need for getting a well-referred company to do the job for you. It is no surprise how many times getting proper help decreases your costs at the end.


All the personnel working with cleaning and sanitizing services are being instructed on how to properly disinfect any kind of surfaces and ambiances and they have to work using an appropriated suit, made of isolable material. They are ‘coveralls’. This is just one of the safety precautions they have been instructed to follow in order to keep working and providing quality services.

In financial centers with big populations, not only in Canada but all over the world, the need of companies and people to clean and sanitize their facilities and homes, has made a lot of companies to put their efforts in bringing the best technology to clean your house or company offices without letting any harmful substances survive in the surfaces. Restaurants are among the most important daily services. And they are becoming regular clients of these companies, since they must prove that their facilities are completely clean, in order to keep attending costumers. Cleaning and sanitizing food centers and food equipment is one new specialty of companies that are trying to avoid the crisis. And provide a service that will protect everybody else from infection.


The pandemics are making not only new businesses to increase, but also old ones look for new ideas. Providing things that are required in a time most people don’t leave their homes. One thing you may consider, when you manage a facility that must gather workers every day, is having a weekly or monthly plan of sanitizing your office. It will improve people’s chances of immunity when dealing with the possibility of infection. That is also a service that moving companies who are now working with disinfecting and cleaning commercial.

One thing they also consider is the temperature of the water they use. It has to be over 171°F to work with the chemical products used to free surfaces of harmful substances. That happens especially when you are trying to do the cleaning of your facility without proper assistance. A lot of companies had to turn the table and get new ways to keep providing their services. So it is better to look for competent assistance than to even hire a service you won’t be satisfied with. You have to look for the best enterprises in the market that provides reliable previous clients’ opinions. They can lead you to choose them not by their advertisement, but because you’ll see they provide quality of service.

Research online to get referrals and get to know which are the best to provide the services you need. Disinfecting an ambient is a responsibility nowadays. There’s no cleaning enough. Get safe and count on proper help.